About Jail & Bail

One of the March of Dimes favorite events, Jail & Bail brings together community leaders and ordinary citizens for a common cause… fighting birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Since its inception in 1957, more than 5 million citizens have volunteered their time in the name of fun – and a good cause. At this event, volunteer “jailbirds” serve time in a “mock jail.” “Prisoners” are arraigned before a volunteer judge on trumped-up, outlandish charges, such as “reckless golf-cart driving.” They are then sentenced to spend an hour in “the slammer” to raise bail in the form of donations to the March of Dimes. Nearly 500 events are held annually across the country. While March of Dimes Jail & Bail is entertaining and enjoyable, remember that the money you and your friends raise goes toward a very important cause… saving babies!

Signing up is easy! Click on an event name below, register as a “jailbird”, then begin to raise donations to post “bail”.


AR Jonesboro –> Registration Open!


MI Port Huron –> Registration Open!


MN Austin 8/23 –> Registration Open!
MN Alexandria 10/5 –> Registration Open!
MN Fairmont 9/20 –> Registration Open!
MN Mankato 11/15 –> Registration Open!
MN Marshall 10/18–> Registration Open!
MN Owatonna 10/4 –> Registration Open!
MN Rochester 8/4 –> Registration Open!
MN Red Wing 11/8–> Registration Open!
MN St.Cloud 9/14 –> Registration Open!
MN Willmar 10/25 –> Registration Open!
MN Winona 8/30 –> Registration Open! 

South Dakota

SD Aberdeen 10/27 –> Registration Open!
SD Huron 7/14 –> Registration Open!
SD Mitchell 8/18 –> Registration Open!
SD Watertown 8/11 –> Registration Open!